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What is Migrate?

Migrate is an accredited agency in migration processes and international education based in Brisbane, Australia. We offer professional services to people who wish to migrate to Australia, to study, work, and live, either temporarily or permanently.

At Migrate, we have first-hand experience studying and migrating to Australia. We strive to provide services of the highest standard, and work hard to ensure that every one of our customers is completely satisfied with our services.

Our Migration Service

Our migration service provides honest advice and high-quality information on migration processes to Australia. We offer assistance in applications for both temporary and permanent Australian visas, as well as options for citizenship.

Some of our past clients have included:

  • Engaged or married couples;
  • Family members of Australian permanent residents or citizens;
  • English-language students;
  • Students in vocational or higher education;
  • International graduates of Australian educational institutions;
  • Qualified professionals and entrepreneurs; 
  • Young people with outstanding talent;
  • And refugees, among others.

Our fully-qualified migration staff are registered with the Office of the Registration Authority of Migration Agents (OMARA), an agency of the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). OMARA is responsible for regulating the services provided by migration agencies such as ours, and our migration team follows a very strict Code of Conduct to comply with their regulations. In addition, we are members of recognised professional organisations, including the Migration Institute of Australia and the Migration Alliance.

Our International Education Services

Through our international education services, we provide free advice and exceptional support to people from all over the world who wish to study in Australia, with a particular focus on people from Latin America and Spain.

At Migrate, we represent a wide range of educational institutions in Australia, including  English-language schools, technical institutes, and universities. We offer various  possibilities for studying, depending on the unique needs and requirements of each person. As part of our services, we also provide information about scholarship opportunities.

We can help you in all the related processes for your study plans and stay in Australia, including:

  • Choosing the right study plan for you.
  • Enrolling in an institution to study.
  • And applying for a student visa.

We also offer you practical advice, such as:

  • Money-saving tips.
  • Finding an affordable airfare.
  • Finding accommodation in Australia.
  • Helping you look for work.
  • How to get involved with the local community.

All our education advisors are accredited as ‘Qualified Agents of Counselling in Education’ by PIER (Professional International Education Resources), a body recognised by the Australian Department of International Education. As qualified education agents, we follow clear guidelines on ethical practices in compliance with Australian laws. Moreover, our practices are governed by the Legislative Framework of the Education Services for Overseas Students (also known as these Act 2000 and Regulations 2001). To learn more about our obligations under Australian law for the protection of students, please see our section on education.

Our Vision

Our main objective is to achieve high levels of satisfaction from our customers and partner institutions, in order to create an outstanding reputation for Migrate in our community, and be recognised as one of the best agencies for migration and education services in Australia.

To do this, we strive to provide all our customers with high-quality services that are always based on honesty and accuracy, so that they can choose the best possible option for their situation. We also aim to be a socially responsible agency, that contributes to society through practices that are transparent, effective, and community-oriented.

Moreover, we endeavour to promote global mobilisation and cultural integration through our services.

Our commitment and Track Record

At Migrate, our counselling and support is always honest, and as efficient as possible. Because of this, we have a very high rate of visa approvals by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection. What’s more, we have an extremely high level of satisfaction from our customers and the organisations that we represent.

We want each of our customers to have the best experience possible, so our support and advice will always prioritise the needs of our customers over our own interests. Need proof? Just ask one of the more than 1000 satisfied customers (and counting) that we have helped up to 2016! We are very appreciative of the fact that our customers consider us highly reliable education agents.

Our Story So Far

Migrate was founded in 2007 in Australia by Aleyda Perez (our current Director of Migration) and Alejandro Soto (our current Director of Education).

Our company began as a small education agency under the name 'Australian Engagement - Education Consultants’. We focused on providing high-quality international education to a community of international students, in particular in Latin America and Spain. After operating with success and continuing to grow for 9 years, at the end of 2016 ‘Australian Engagement’ became Migrate, as we incorporated immigration services into our portfolio.

Thanks to our high standard of customer service and strong ethical approach, our agency has  grown steadily over the years. In 2010, we opened a branch office in Bogotá, Colombia, and have since established an extensive international network of representatives in different cities in Australia, Latin America and Spain.

Another important achievement for our agency has been the creation of our own not-for-profit organisation, 'Wellbeing for Communities’, through which we seek to contribute to the welfare of vulnerable local and international communities, including international students. With the addition of migration services to the agency, we also hope to be able to help at-risk migrant communities, such as refugees and asylum-seekers, at no cost. We believe that 'Wellbeing for Communities' is a testimony to our community focus and our commitment to social responsibility.

Our Team

Our company is directed by its co-founders, Aleyda Pérez and Alejandro Soto.

Aleyda is a registered migration agent in Australia, and has 10 years of experience in the field of international education, including a role as the Latin American Partnerships Manager at the University of Queensland. Aleyda specialises in Australian migration law and practices, and has completed two Masters qualifications in Australia, including one in International Relations. She is our current Director of Migration, and the Director of 'Wellbeing for Communities’. In this position, Aleyda has actively participated in projects related to the welfare of vulnerable communities, and is starting a PHD research on the welfare of international students, using Brisbane, Australia, as a case study.

Alejandro is a qualified education agent and business manager, who has a strong interest in corporate social responsibility. In 2002, Alejandro completed a research project as part of his undergraduate studies on the social responsibility practices of Colombian companies, and has since implemented his findings in his own business practices. He has over 9 years of experience as a certified education agent, and is currently the Director of our Department of International Education and co-founder of ‘Wellbeing for Communities’. Alejandro has a high record of successful student visas applications (almost 1000 to date), and with his commitment to high standards of performance and customer service, Alejandro has successfully transformed a small agency into an expanding business.

We work with a team of highly skilled migration and education professionals, based in Australia, Colombia, Mexico and Spain, who share our strong focus on ethical and social values, and all contribute to our excellent standards of consultancy and customer service.