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Our Migration Service

Our migration service provides honest advice and high-quality information on migration processes to Australia. We offer assistance in applications for both temporary and permanent Australian visas, as well as options for citizenship.

Some of our past clients have included:

  • Engaged or married couples;
  • Family members of Australian permanent residents or citizens;
  • English-language students;
  • Students in vocational or higher education;
  • International graduates of Australian educational institutions;
  • Qualified professionals and entrepreneurs; 
  • Young people with outstanding talent;
  • Refugees, among others.

Our fully-qualified migration staff are registered with the Office of the Registration Authority of Migration Agents (OMARA), an agency of the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). OMARA is responsible for regulating the services provided by migration agencies such as ours, and our migration team follows a very strict Code of Conduct to comply with their regulations. In addition, we are members of recognised professional organisations, including the Migration Institute of Australia and the Migration Alliance.

Our Education Services

Our education service is focused on providing you with the support you need to choose the best educational institution and academic program, based on your individual needs and situation.

Study Programs

We provide in-depth advice on a wide range of study programs that are available in Australia, such as:

  • English Courses: General English, English for Academic Purposes, English for Business, and English for Specific Purposes.
  • Preparation for the IELTS and Cambridge exams.
  • Vocational and Technical Education: Certificates I - IV and diplomas including TAFE.
  • Undergraduate (Bachelors) in all areas and pre-university year.
  • Postgraduate Programs, Specialisations, Master's Degrees, MBAs and PHDs.
  • Professional development programs for all types of students and professionals.
  • Applications for scholarships.

At Migrate, we have a highly-regarded reputation as reliable and effective agents in completing study processes for our students. Our flexible system allows you to choose the best type of counselling for you, whether it is by Skype, e-mail or in-person.


Beyond just study programs, we provide you with information related to all aspects involved in your stay in Australia, including visas. Australian visa applications can be complicated, and our aim is to provide essential advice in order to make the visa process simple and clear at each stage of the application. Our services include:

  • Filling out the necessary forms for the registration process.
  • Attaining and verifying the required documents.
  • Processing the application with the Australian government.
  • Following up the application until the outcome is confirmed.

For all visa processes, we apply directly with the Australian government as registered agents.

Other Services

If your visa application is successful, we will enrol you in your chosen study program, and guide you through other key aspects of your stay in Australia to make your migration process as simple as possible. Our other services include:

Initial orientation in Australia

Since our beginnings as a company, we have offered an initial orientation in Australia to all our customers free of charge. Our commitment is to provide students with the support they need to adapt easily to life as an international student in Australia.

To make sure this process goes smoothly from the moment you arrive, we offer a free airport pick-up service, as well as help in:

  • Currency exchange.
  • Accommodation.
  • Travel options and fares.
  • Public transportation system.
  • Opening bank accounts.
  • Purchase of local SIM card.
  • Any required work certificates.
  • Recommending key locations such as supermarkets, hospitals, pharmacies and much more.


To help you make the most of your stay in Australia, we offer advice on the type of accommodation you can find for your stay. There are various options for accommodation, and a variety of styles and prices available. This ranges from home-stays with Australian families, to share-houses or apartments with other students (with private rooms or double rooms), or private studio apartments.

Medical Insurance

We can also help you to get the health insurance that is required for a student visa. We work in in partnership with organizations that provide this service, and can take care of everything to ensure that you are covered for the duration of your visa, so that you don’t have to worry about managing your own insurance.

Education Services for Overseas Students Legislative Framework (ESOS)

The Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 and Regulations 2001, also known as the ESOS Legislative Framework, was established by the Australian Government to regulate education services for international students in Australia on student visas, in order to protect them from exploitation or inadequate services.

The ESOS framework includes the legislative requirements and necessary quality standards for education and training institutions offering courses to international students. It also outlines provisions for tuition fees for international students, as well as the responsibilities of education agents, among other things.

In order for us to provide advisory services to overseas students, we must comply with the rules and regulations of the ESOS

Our responsibilities as education agents as per the ESOS include:

  • Refer students who genuinely intend to be temporary entrants to Australia for the purpose of achieving successful education outcomes, and who then plan to utilise the skills gained through study in Australia to return home (or to an alternate country) to gain employment.
  • Ensure students receive accurate and current information about Australian education providers, including campus locations, facilities, entrance requirements, information about courses, and tuition fees.
  • Ensure students receive information about living in Australia, the local environment, costs of living and accommodation options.
  • Ensure that the student's choice of study is right for them based on their experience, English level and previous qualifications including information on content, duration, qualifications, tuition fees and payment/refund policies.
  • Ensure students are aware of the conditions of their student visas and ensure they comply with these conditions.
  • Do not engage in dishonest practices and do not provide immigration advice where not qualified to do so.

As education agents, we must not:

  • Engage in dishonest practices, such as informing students that they can arrive in Australia on a student visa with a primary purpose other than to study.
  • Continue an application or send it to an education provider after having identified that a student does not comply with visa conditions.
  • Engage in false or misleading marketing/advertising or recruitment practices.
  • Provide false or inaccurate information about study programs and providers.
  • Provide false or inaccurate information about employment or migration outcomes associated with a study program.
  • Commit to/guarantee a student that a provider will accept a prospective student into a course.
  • Advertise or market education providers in any way without prior consent from them.