Social Responsability

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Social Responsability

From the beginning, our vision has been becoming a company based on social responsible standards that are able to contribute to the wellbeing of our customers, as well as of the community in general.

As a result, in 2015 ‘Migrate’ established ‘Wellbeing for Communities’ as a non-profit organization constituted in Australia, which has as purpose to contribute to the wellbeing of the local and international vulnerable communities both in Australia (international students), and Latin America (indigenous peoples and children).

Since its creation, ‘Wellbeing for Communities’ has managed to respond to its mission trough the implementation of welfare projects both in Australia and Colombia, which include:

  • Support Program for international students in Australia: Composed by a variety of activities and projects aimed at improving the different aspects of wellbeing of vulnerable international students in Australia.
  • Entrepreneurship Program for international students in Australia: Supports the entrepreneurial aspirations of the international students, as well as their economic and psychological wellbeing.
  • Encounter of Australian and Colombian Indigenous Artists (2018): Eliana Muchachasoy Chindoy, Colombian indigenous artist received a scholarship as Artist-in-Residence, granted by International Education Services, to travel to Brisbane (Australia) to have the first artistic exchange with Australian indigenous artists, exhibit her works in Australia and study English.
  • Production of ‘El Australian Trip’ (2020): first mini web series written and co-produced by Latin American students and alumni living in Brisbane-Australia, with the support of the Queensland Government and important Australian education institutes, to demonstrate their capacities and professionalism. This funny series portraits the adventures of the Latin American students who daily live ‘El Australian Trip’. The story is based on real experiences. 
  • Campaign to prevent respiratory diseases in children of Bogota's money beggars (2020).
  • Support to vulnerable communities both in Australia (international students) and in Colombia (indigenous peoples) during the crisis caused by the COVID-19 (2020).
  • In the medium future, ‘Wellbeing for Communities’ intends to create a support program for Colombian vulnerable children, as well as other support projects for international students at a global level.
  • In addition, ‘Wellbeing for Communities’ has been an important part of community groups and projects in Australia, such as the ‘Welcome Dinner Project’, 'Connecting International Students Working Group' and 'Aged Care Service for Hispanic Elders in Brisbane'.