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Study Abroad

Our Educational Services 

At ‘Migrate’, we provide quality and truthful information to choose the best study option in countries like Australia, Canada and New Zealand among others. 

Through our education counsellors and migration agents respectively, we give continuous guidance and support through all the enrolment process at the education institutions of the student’s choice as well as during the student visa application. We also help looking for and applying to current scholarships.   

In addition, we offer the best advice for our clients to make the right choices about all the aspects of their trip and stay such as: international airfares, accommodation and employment, initial orientation, possibilities to renew their visas among others.

It is important to highlight that to study abroad you must be considered as a ‘Genuine Student’. Our advisors could help you to verify if you fulfil all the genuine student criteria. 

Our education services differentiate from others not just for our high customer service standards and clients’ satisfaction, but also for being complemented by our migration and welfare services. These are offered by our migration agents and our not for profit organization respectively. 

Study Programs 

The education institutions of Australia, Canada and New Zealand among other countries count with a wide variety of study programs including:

English Courses: 

General English, English for Academic Purposes, Business English, preparation for examinations (IELTS, Cambridge, TOEFL, TOEIC, PTE, etc.)

French Courses and Examinations: 

Preparation for DILF, DELF and DALF.

Vocational Education and Training: 

Certificates I to IV, Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas. 

Bachelor Degrees: 

Foundation year and bachelor degrees in all areas.

Postgraduate Degrees: 

Graduate certificates, graduate diplomas, masters, MBAs and PhDs. 

‘Migrate’ provides all the required support to help you choose the best academic program and education institution according to your needs.  

Student Visa Application 

Our main purpose is to provide the required support to guarantee a clear, stress-free and comprehensive process to apply for a student visa with a high chance of approval by: 

• Confirming if you meet the genuine student criteria.

• Advising you on the selection of the study program and education institution that best fits your requirements and possibilities. 

• Enrolling you at your chosen institution.

• Advising you on the required documents to apply for your student visa.

• Assisting you to get the required health insurance.

• Assisting you to apply to your student visa and to respond for additional requirements through our registered migration agents.

• Providing continuous guidance and support during your stay in your chosen destination.  

Choose between our face to face counselling at one of our offices or an online meeting. 

Our Value Adds (Additional Services): 

We are also committed to offer you the required support for making your adaptation process enjoyable and easy. 

To this purpose and as a value add to our service, we provide guidance and information related to all the aspects of your trip and stay such as: 

• Advice on travel options and airfares 

• Free accommodation search 

• Free airport pick-up service

• Currency exchange  

• Free orientation service: taking the public transport, opening a bank account, getting a local mobile plan, buying food, etc.

• Guidance on writing your CV and looking for a job

• Connection with registered and trusted tax agents who could advice you on all the aspects related to your taxation obligations as international student.